Microsoft Visual C++

By 2014, which is the year I left Microsoft, I had moved to the Visual Studio content group and had owned the Standard C++ parts of the docs for some time. As with the Win32 content, it appears that right after I left, Microsoft rolled over to a completely different content publishing site for the newer versions of the product and as a result, they left most of my content unchanged. They seem to have satisfied themselves to have a sentence like “The latest version of this topic can be found at” with a link to the new content that continues to be changed going forward.

You can view any of the C++ Standard Library docs and you’ll see topics I either re-wrote completely or revised in some way. Examples of re-writes and completely new content when I took it over are linked below. Note that each topic I link has related topics listed in a table of contents on the left. Those were all mine as well. During my tenure, I re-did over 90% of those topics, adding code examples if the prose didn’t need any major work.

Welcome Back to C++ (Modern C++):

<random> STL Reference:

unordered_map Class STL Reference:

C++ Standard Library Reference (main title page):

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