Technical Writing Portfolio

Most of my writing as a paid professional has been technical writing for large tech companies. In this section, the attempt is made to import some of that work for your perusal.

Microsoft Speech Services

Microsoft Learning

Amazon Web Services Documentation

Microsoft Visual C++ Documentation

Microsoft Win32 API Documentation

Bear in mind that this is a small sample of the content I’ve created and curated over the span of my career as a technical writer. Most of my gigs were as a direct result of the many years of professional experience as a software development engineer I had under my belt before switching careers to writing documentation.

Also, what’s not represented here are the multitudes of copy-editing tasks I’ve been tasked with as a matter of course throughout the years. In addition, I’ve been asked from time to time to perform Copywriting work for marketing materials. Unfortunately I didn’t think to archive those at the time, so please ask me to demonstrate those skills if you would like to know more.

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