Shelf life of food (prepping)

Another post to preserve info gleaned from YouTube videos. In this case starting with another vid from Canadian Prepper then this one. The question is, if you are “stockpiling” food items, which ones have the best shelf life? The video spends a lot of time explaining all the factors to consider without giving a lotContinue reading “Shelf life of food (prepping)”

Prepper items on the cheap

This is a crib sheet to preserve some info I’ve gained off the interwebs about prepping/prepper stuff (as much as I dislike the terms, and deny being “one of them”, I admit I’d like to avoid being completely unprepared for adverse situations). This list is from a YouTube video from Canadian Prepper, who has hadContinue reading “Prepper items on the cheap”

The Quest for Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

I’ve always had a bit of an “out-sized enthusiasm” for pens and pencils and paper etc., as long as I can remember. Even in early childhood I was fascinated with the Big Chief writing tablets and those giant pencils with the metallic paint, more than any other part of the learning process. You’d think thatContinue reading “The Quest for Fountain Pen Friendly Paper”