Shelf life of food (prepping)

Another post to preserve info gleaned from YouTube videos. In this case starting with another vid from Canadian Prepper then this one.

The question is, if you are “stockpiling” food items, which ones have the best shelf life?

The video spends a lot of time explaining all the factors to consider without giving a lot of specific recommendations, but other than the obvious stuff like actual MRE meals and freeze dried backpacking meals and canned goods, there are some nifty ideas I’d like to look into further. Most preppers seem to prefer to can their own food, though unless you grow your own I am not convinced. Still, interesting to think about, doing your own canning and drying/dehydrating etc.

Avoid storing canned goods where they could freeze.

Generally, high salt content helps preserve food.

Protect from pests. Tip> store stuff in cheap 5 gallon utility buckets for extra layer of protection from pests.

Canned corned beef is better than SPAM.

The smell of “bad” food is not usually the kind of bacteria that make you sick. The deadliest kind of bacteria and contaminants are odorless and occurred in the initial food prep phase when the food was raw.

Second video, “top ten” list. “how many calories can you get for $1?” Interesting info.

Anyway, the list. He made the ranked list based on a number of factors, all of which I find valuable factors. Things like cost, ease of storage, ease of preparation, calories, nutrition, taste, etc.

11. Powdered peanut butter
10. TAC-BAR tactical food ration
9. Survival tabs
8. Instant coffee (barter item)
7. Powdered eggs
6. Tuna
5. Condiments (salt,sugar,soy sauce,vinegar, bouillon, etc.)
4. Honey (raw/unrefined), maple syrup (high barter potential)
3. Milk powder (store in mylar bags if possible) Nido milk?
2. MRE (a few boxes)
1. Rice and beans (dry)
0. Freeze dried food (NOT the same as dehydrated food) Avoid “food buckets”, instead favor packets and tins from Mountain House, Happy Yak, Backpacker’s Pantry, Alpine Aire. Try before you buy in bulk.

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